Workplace Policies

Policy Review, Development and Implementation

Workplace policies define your organisational culture, protect your business and provide transparency about workplace processes for both management and employees.  They are explicit, set guidelines and outline the consequences of non-compliance. They provide an understanding of “how things work around here” by clearly stating the responsibilities and commitment of management, as well as the obligations that employees have in the workplace.

In today’s workplace an employer can be held liable for the bad behaviour of an employee, especially when that bad behaviour affects other employees, or other people. Clear and concise workplace policies leave no doubt that responsibilities and obligations apply equally to both management and each individual employee.

Workplace policies clearly define:

  • the purpose of the policy;
  • the organisation’s position on its meaning and observance;
  • definitions of meanings relevant to the policy content;
  • consequences that may result from non-adherence to the policy;
  • a clear guidance of legislative meaning, where relevant;
  • reference to various legislations significant to the policy;
  • cross-references to other organisational policies that may relate to a particular policy;
  • the scope and responsibilities associated across and down the organisation with the policy;
  • a stepped process on the expectations for communication and timing for adherence to policy.

Due to the exact requirement for workplace policies, written either specifically to inform and instruct on various legislations or outline internal processes, many businesses choose to outsource their policy requirements for time and expediency. As HR Consultants the Head2Head team have specialist knowledge of current legislations and our workplace policies are constantly updated in line with legislative changes.

The development of comprehensive workplace policies is an investment that can pay large dividends in increased productivity and minimised litigation. It’s also an essential component of your comprehensive people strategy.

The Head2Head HR Audit provides a Human Resource checklist to ensure your business remains safe and legally compliant.  Some relate directly to the various workplace legislations, while others are a matter of choice for in-house processing and efficiency.

To better understand the purpose of workplace policies, read our Head2Head Info Bulletin – Why Workplace Policies?

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