HR Services

Business Restructuring | READ MORE +

As businesses grow quickly the focus is mostly on the next milestone and little time is spent considering what structure and internal strengthening the business needs to continue its expansion.

Coaching and Mentoring |  READ MORE +

Has your teamwork broken down?  Has the ball been dropped and no-one has picked it up? Do you have an otherwise-perfect staff member who needs some leadership training or management advice?

Employment Contracts | READ MORE +

Get it Right – Get it in Writing. Many small and medium businesses keep things informal with nothing on paper. It’s a trust thing, and this arrangement may continue to work well for some time – until a workplace dispute arises.

Employment Relations / Industrial Relations | READ MORE +

Are you aware of the impact of the recent workplace legislation changes and Modern Awards on your business?  Have you just ignored them and hoped all will be well?  We’re here to help you better understand what has changed and how your business needs to adapt to stay safe.

HR Outsourcing  |  READ MORE +

No in-house HR resources?  That’s what we’re here for – to provide HR advice on call when you need it. We provide you with the correct answer immediately to allow you to get back to business.  Partner with us for efficient and effective HR outcomes.

Mediation Specialists  |  READ MORE +

Workplace disputes generally effect productivity and can have a profound effect on morale.  We provide mediation assistance to all the parties in the dispute to reach a mutually acceptable solution.

Performance Management | READ MORE +

Managing staff performance is about getting the right people in the right jobs and doing the right things to make the business succeed.

Recruitment/Retention |  READ MORE +

Our HR specialists provide a full suite of recruitment tools including the development of remuneration/benefits packages to attract and retain key performers.

Risk Management | READ MORE +

Work Health & Safety  |  READ MORE +

This significant legislation imposes strict obligations on all employers to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees.  Our consultants can review your safety processes to protect your business and ensure compliance with legislation.

Workplace Policies |  READ MORE +

Policy development can be time consuming and onerous, but it’s important to get it right to ensure you meet your legal requirements. We can help you by supplying effective policies, defining legislation, outlining in-house processes and providing awareness, education and training.