FREE HR Consultation

If an initial complementary meeting could show you how to foster better workplace relations, better manage staff performance, and provide clear guidelines on workplace issues, would it be worth the time you invested?

No matter the size of your business, once you engage your first employee you are bound to provide certain entitlements and conditions.

Many businesses today continue to be overwhelmed by the constant changes to our workplace laws.  The Fair Work Act brought sweeping changes in 2009, and further changes have continued to be implemented as these laws are modified to strengthen their purpose.

Generally, most Managers just want to get on with running the business, but are constantly distracted by having to answer questions on employment matters: and let’s face it, workplace laws can be complex and, at times, downright confounding.

Recent changes included significant amendments to:

  • Flexible Working Arrangements; and
  • Changes to Parental Leave entitlements.

Anti-Bullying laws were also included in the Fair Work Act (amended) on 1 January 2014.  This is the first time workplace bullying has been legislated.

With the present government laying the groundwork for still further change it begs the question: how much more overwhelming will it get?

Australia rode out the GFC in far better shape than many of its global contemporaries, yet many of our traditional mainstay industries are faltering, creating a ripple effect flowing-on to many smaller industries.

Business confidence is still not evident in small and medium sized entities as they continue to watch the spending of every dollar to shore up against continuing uncertain times.  Yet legal processes continue the steamroller affect and we are constantly reminded through the media of large settlement payouts being paid by employers for workplace non-compliance.

Don’t continue to hope your business will pass under the legal radar and never be noticed: businesses of all sizes are currently subject to HR audits – with large fines applying where compliance has failed the test.